Alex Schneider

Software Engineer, Facebook

Alex Schneider, Software Engineer, Facebook

Alex was born with a severe-profound hearing loss and was lucky enough to be one of the youngest people fitted with hearing aids at only a couple weeks after birth. Computers and computer programming came very naturally to him as one of the few environments where a hearing loss was not a disadvantage; he started programming at only 11 years of age and has never stopped. Since then he has extensively used assistive technology for education and the workplace. In the process he has run into quite a few edge cases that were uncommon for ADA accommodations and has helped blaze the trail at several companies to set up those accommodations. Alex started off his career at Microsoft as a Site Reliability Engineer working on a Security Detection team and now works as a Production Engineer on the Vulnerability Management team at Facebook. He is also a lead of the Differently Abled FBRG at Facebook.

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