Anne Cohen

Disability Health Access (DHA)

Anne Cohen the Founding Director of Disability Health Access

Anne founded Disability Health Access in 2005, a consultancy that removes barriers to make health-care systems accessible to individuals with disabilities. DHA draws on health-care delivery innovations, health and wellness research, and consumers’ expertise.  A longtime disability rights advocate, Anne launched DMTA originally as a platform to showcase a conference, the 2019 Global Accessibility Symposium & Career Exploration Summit, bringing together tech and media leaders to galvanize career opportunities for people with disabilities. Anne along with the other conference founders, launched the event  in response to a need to bridge the communication gap between the disability community and Corporate America.  The conference brought together a collaborative of disability, media, technology, health care, market research and project management executives with and without disabilities who recognize the power and potential of convergence in markets and more cross-functional success in organizations. .  The conference was successful in bringing together like-minded aspiring and current professionals / executives that want to drive the creation of more diverse organizations, with the goal of planning, implementing and realizing measurable and replicable results.  After that successful event, Anne is working with colleagues to revamp DMTA to move beyond just convening but to projects of transformation.    Anne has a Master of Public Health degree in Health Policy and Administration, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science from Portland State University.  More information about Anne and her work can be found at

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