Who Are We

Meet the Founders

Anne Cohen

Anne is the Founding Director of Disability Health Access, a consultancy that removes barriers to make health-care systems accessible to individuals with disabilities.
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Tari Hartman Squire

Tari Hartman Squire ‘s EIN SOF Communications is a leading disability-focused strategic marketing woman-owned business.
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Derek Shields

Derek Shields is President of ForwardWorks, a professional services consulting firm focused on moving disability inclusion and accessibility forward through research, training, technical assistance and innovative programming.
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Jd Michaels, Creator / Partner at Michaels.Adams

Jd Michaels is a native of Kansas City, a graduate of Yale University, and, by trade, a bit of a mad scientist.
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Our Partners

Dominick Ławniczak Evans

Our film editing, and post-production work will be done by Dominick Ławniczak Evans.  Evans is a transgender queer Polish- people and the LGBT community.
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Karen Peltz Strauss

Karen Peltz Strauss has spent the past four decades leading nationwide efforts to secure disability access to electronic communications and video programming.
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