Leroy F. Moore Jr.

Founder, Krip-Hop Nation

Leroy Moore Jr.

Leroy  F. Moore, Jr. is an activist, author, poet, rapper, feminist, and radio programmer, and the founder of the Krip-Hop Nation, an international movement that addresses discrimination against disabled artists marginalized because of the intersection of racism and ableism. He is also cofounder of Sins Invalid and a founding member of National Black Disability Coalition. Moore wrote for I.D.E.A.L. Magazine, and since the 1990’s has written the column “Illin-N-Chillin” for POOR Magazine. His books include Black Disabled Man with a Big Mouth and High IQ (aka the Spoken-Word CD) and a 2017 children’s book, Black Disabled Art History 101 published by Xochitl Justice Press. His 2019 graphic novel, Krip-Hop Komic Graphic Novel Issue 1: Brown, Disabled, Young, Woman Super Shero Brings Disability Justice to Hip-Hop, has been published by POOR Press.

As a youth, Moore discovered that most people had little knowledge of the historical impact of disabled African Americans. This led him to begin research, initially in the music industry, and to promote artists with disabilities for broader inclusion. He writes, lectures, and performs about race and disability issues both in the United States and abroad.  Moore traveled to South Korea for the Paralympics and for the 2014 DaDa Fest Krip-Hop Nation UK Tour, as well as to South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere, networking with other disabled activists and artists. Today, Krip-Hop Nation has over 300 members worldwide.

With a strong sense of identity both as a Black person and as a person with a disability, Moore has used his artistry to address critical issues affecting the lives of disabled people of color. He is a leading activist on the wrongful incarceration of and police brutality against black and brown people with disabilities.

To purchase his book go to: https://www.poorpress.net/product-page/krip-hop-nation

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