If you know that you will be going someplace that has a fragrance/scent-free policy, or you would like to accommodate friends and family who are chemically sensitive, but you are unsure what to do, here is a quick information sheet that will help you be fragrance-free.

1. Use no perfume, cologne, aftershave, scented lotion or scented deodorant.

Safe alternatives:


  • The Deodorant Stone with no aluminum chlorhydrate
  • Tom’s of Maine Unscented roll-on
  • Baking soda and cornstarch (pat it onto clean damp skin)

Body/Moisturizing Lotion:

  • Nature’s Gate Fragrance-Free Moisturizing Lotion
  • Trader Joe’s Unscented Moisturizing Lotion or Cream
  • Alba Botanical Very Emollient Unscented Body Lotion

2. Don’t use hairspray.

Also avoid gel, mousse, and other leave-in hair products. Be sure your hair is dry–not re-wetted or still wet from washing, especially if it has been colored, permed, or has residual styling products from recent days’ application. Don’t visit a hair salon within 24 hours before event.

Safe alternatives:

Hair gel or holding mist: look for alcohol free, no scent formulas

  • KY Jelly (without nonoxynol)
  •  KMS Puritives fragrance free, alcohol free non-aerosol hair mist * Organic Essence

3. Don’t wear clothing just-laundered with scented detergent (Tide, Cheer, etc), liquid fabric softener, or dryer sheets (Bounce, etc). Switch to a biodegradable alternative with no phosphates or bleach.

Safe alternatives:

  • Choose biodegradable, phosphate- and chlorine-free formulas
  • Trader Joe’s “…Next to Godliness Environmentally Sound Concentrated

Laundry Detergent” in liquid or powder

  • All Free Clear (works well for dishes and hand soap)
  • Bi-O-Kleen All Temperature Laundry liquid or powder
  • Natural Value Fragrance & Dye Free Laundry Detergent
  • * Add washing soda to your wash loads to soften the water—and your clothing—without using liquid fabric softener or softener sheets in your dryer.

4. Minimize makeup. In particular, do not wear foundation. Most cosmetics (lipstick, blush, eye makeup) have scents. Don’t apply nail polish today.

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